Dubito Lab


Dubito Lab is the nickname for the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, led by Professor Johan Lauwereyns at Kyushu University. The Dubito Lab hosts research by graduate students in the Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences (システム生命科学府) and by undergraduate students in the School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation (共創学部).

The focus of this lab is on the study of the control settings of decision-making, with emphasis on the perspectives from cognitive science and bioethics. We study how the context and framing of decisions influences the information processing and information seeking.

- doubt
- bias
- sensitivity
- gaze
- deliberation

The work operates on the interface between the natural sciences and the humanities, and connects to research fields and study disciplines such as neuroscience, physiology, behavioral economics, philosophy of mind, epistemology, and literary theory.




- 疑い

- バイアス

- 感性

- 視線

- 熟慮


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